Concept <> technology – who/what/when/where/how/why? And I hunted down precious creations that definitely got my designer juices flowing.

Before you move on — I’d like to thank my amazing partner, Google, for helping me with this assignment. All works have been cited through hyperlinks unless stated otherwise [my work, cough cough]. [added to avoid a widow]

1. Fontstruct

Concept: free, typography

Technology used: an online interface, grid system

2. Air Umbrella

Concept: eco-friendly design that protects one from the rain

Technology used: wind power

3. The Creative Process

Concept: thinking creatively, design process

Technology used: visual approach

4. Lisbon Billboard

Concept: unknown/unclear BUT

Technology used: newsprint, sun

5. Walk’n Talk

Concept: make love

Technology used: stamp/human

6. Nivea

Concept: cellulite begone!

Technology used: material design

7. Waterfall of images and words

Concept: “flood of info we are exposed to”

Technology used: water, light

8. Typographic jewelry

Concept: elegance, beauty

Technology used: jewelry design

9. Shopping cart ad

Concept: very straightforward

Technology used: print, form follows function

10. Carpet alarm clock

Concept: “stand up to wake up, simple as that”

Technology used: unknown/unclear